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Global Podd

May 29, 2021

What happened to the queer community in Beirut after the explosion in 2020, the pandemic and the economic crisis? Will the queer scene rise again and what are the challenges?

This episode of Global Podd goes to the queer community in Mar Mikhael in Beirut. Before the pandemic, the blast and the economic crisis, this was the place to be in the Middle East. It was the most vivid, diverse, creative and queer-friendly hub in the Middle East, with a real sense of community for people from the generally more conservative region.

We are talking to Sandra Melhem, manager and founder of Egobeirut, a renowned gay club, who also opened her home to victims of the blast, and Andrea Najarian, drag performer, whose home was seriously damaged during the blast.


  • Sandra Mehlhem, manger of Egobeirut.
  • Andrea Najarian, drag performer.

Reporter and editor: Ylva Bergman.