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Global Podd

Jul 19, 2022

Eleven years has passed since the Arab Spring rocked the Middle East/MENA region. Now food prices is in on the rise and new protests movements starts to emerge in countries such as Lebanon and Tunisia.

What will happen now? In which way has the region developed since the Arab spring started? What does the new young generation think, any why are so many poor people in the region supporting Russia’s invasion of Ukraine when they themselves are the one suffering the consequences?


  • Bilal Al Jouhari,Communication specialist from Morocco,  working on migration and other issues.
  • Chokri Ben Nessir, editor in chief of the newspaper Presse de Tunisie in Tunisia.
  • Rouba El Helou, Lecturer of political communication and gender at Notre Dame University in Lebanon.

Moderator: David Isaksson.