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Global Podd

Jun 12, 2021

In the second of three special episodes of Global Podd in cooperation with Bloggers of Zambia we discuss internet regulations. Are they needed, and if so – how should they be regulated, and by whom?

Today we see a trend where social media platforms self imposed regulation effect democracy and human rights activists. At the same time the platforms are more and more following the dictates of totalitarian regimes, closing down opposition accounts. 

In this episode we discuss the need (or not) for regulations with:

  • Richard Mulonga, president of Bloggers of Zambia.
  • Fatma Karume, barrister from Tanzania, barred from practicing law in her own country.
  • Stella Nyanzi, Ugandan human rights activist, poet, and medical anthropologist.
  • Joan Barata, international expert on media and cyber laws.

Host: David Isaksson, Editor-in-chief of Global Bar Magazine and Global Podd.