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Global Podd

Mar 12, 2023

What is the role of art in the current global conflict? What happens when artist from Asia, Africa and Latin America meet? What can India learn from Ukraine, and can art help us overcome everyday problems in these troubling times?

In the historic Indian city of Kochi, home to famous spices and with a rich cosmopolitan history, a unique meeting of art from around the world takes place every second year. Join us for the Kochi-Muziris-biennale!

In this episode of Global Podd (entirely in English) David Isaksson takes us to the historic city of Kochi in the India Kerala state, home to the Kochi-Muziris-biennale that attracts as many visitors as the much more known Venice Biennale.

Listen to Mario D’Souza, Director of programs at the Kochi-Muziris-biennale as he explains the role of art in contemporary India and what he believe should be the aim of the biennale.

Host: David Isaksson, editor in Chief of Global Bar Magazine.